What are you listening to?

(Stephane C) #21

For me I am into anything Nightwish

And things like Five Fingers Death Punch

And I am a sucker for any 80’s music…


(Scott R) #22

My dads cousin on my grans side ie my nans sisters kid.

I’m pretty sure @Pharap lives in the shire with the other magical beastie’s


(Simon) #23

Huh? Beastie Boys??? Nah they are from NY.

I think he is from the Cotswolds or somewhere close to that. Maybe Cheltenham??


(Scott R) #24

I always thought he may be a little south west of me because of his weather reports :wink:


(Pharap) #25


I’d quite like to live on the Isle of Wight. Sadly I’m an outlander.

Also I’d need a time machine, Hendrix died the year you were born.
(My dad might have seen it though.)

Your second cousin then.


Stay away from my Hobbit hole!

I’ll accept the implication that I’m a ‘magical beastie’ though.

I’ve been to the Cotswolds a few times, but I don’t live there.
I wish I lived there, they have loads of lovely villages with lush green grass and the houses are made of nice Cotswold stone.

Father Brown is filmed entirely in the Cotswolds.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Cheltenham.

(If GCHQ are listening though, I wouldn’t mind working at the doughnut.)

Also, I didn’t know that Superdry PLC is based in Cheltenham.

In fairness, it’s not exactly hard to be west of London.

I find it amusing that people are playing “guess where Pharap lives” rather than “take the mick out of Pharap’s music tastes”.


(Simon) #26

So the real question is, where does @Keyboard_Camper live? Then we can hone in on your town.

So someone famous once lived in your house? Has he been mentioned in this thread??

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(Pharap) #27

Erm, London…? Or do you mean the specific borough?

(@Keyboard_Camper, tell him you’re from Walford.)

My town? I don’t think ‘hone in’ is the word, 85-90% of Britain is west of London…

Who lived in whose house?

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Can you teach my the trumpet ways?

I have one but I never really picked it up.

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(Scott R) #29

I’m East Scours just north of the river Ankh.

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(Simon) #30

I assumed from the first comment that you meant you could not reveal the trivia nugget because it would reveal the house where you lived. Would revealing it only indicate the town?

For some reason I thought @Keyboard_Camper was from a smaller town - in which case locating yours might have been a little easier.

Is this pretty much as west as you can go without hitting Wales? What about Penzance??


(Pharap) #31

Yes, only the town.

I don’t live in the house of a famous musician (as far as I’m aware).

Really? Why did you think that?

No, it’s a joke.

It’s a famous London borough with a particularly famous location at E20 6PQ.

(I think the furthest west you can go without hitting Wales is possibly Oswestry, but I’d have to check.)

Penzance isn’t quite the most westerly point of Cornwall.
The most westerly point is the rather aptly named “Land’s End”:

You’d never guess this was a thread about music,
you’d think it was about British geography.


(Simon) #32

I just like the name Penzance - it reminds me of pirates, arrrghh!

I have moved on to Scotland’s second finest band …


The Beta Band.


(cyril guichard) #33

@filmote been a huge fan of PJ Harvey for many years!
I don’t know if you know about them, but while I was listening to PJ Harvey, I was (and still am) completely into the Tindersticks > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTwuZXP0KE0 particularly their first 4 albums!


(Simon) #34

Tindersticks? I will pull them up next …


(Simon) #35

What do you get when an alt-country band listens to too much Radiohead? I always liked the two Mermaid Avenue albums but this is different and (so far) I am liking it.