What are you working on?

Hello everyone!

I would like to suggest a new big topic where we could share a small progress of our creations. Sometimes it’s easy to just post some screen or video, because it’s simply not enough for separate topic.

I’m new here, but I am user of some gamedevs forums and this type of threads work there pretty well!

Let me start! I’ve just got my arduboy and here is my current newbie project. Based on C64 game Arcade Voleyball. I am prepering it to be more playable and demanding. :smiley: It’s simple single player game, so the AI is quite important and that’s what I am working on.

Gif here: https://gph.is/2I1ZHPf

Your turn!


Ok, this is pretty funny actually. Before starting working on my first game I actually attempted doing a Volleyball clone. I never got too far because once I got something running … I didn’t feel like continuing it anymore (not sure why). Here’s a gif: https://media.giphy.com/media/1msvxlHr8F2qec1hgX/giphy.gif.
Now I’m trying to motivate myself to start working on project number 2 (or 3 if you count that Volleyball thing): a pseudo-3d raytracing FPS. But, man, it’s hard!


I LOVED Slime Volleyball as a kid. With the size of the Arduboy’s screen, I think something could be made. Using something like Midnight Wild’s JumpCurve and FallCurve arrays, it would be interesting to get some psuedo-realistic trajectories for the ball.

@tsukamil, how much more work do you need until you finish it?

@NK0d3R Haha! It looks pretty similar! :smiley: I played your Radical Racing! It’s so great and it doesnt look like the first game! Do you have any prototype of your fps already?

@crait I need to try Midnight Wild. Anyway, my gravity system is much simpler! :smiley: You can check current playable version of the game here: https://github.com/tsukamil/Arcade-Voleyball

It has menu where you can choose if you want to play longer or just to for example 5 points; You can also turn off “3 touches” in the game. AI makes it fun to play, i think! (LEFT/RIGHT to move, B to jump).