What exactly is an Arduboy FX "Flash Cart"?

My Arduboy FX modchip is coming tomorrow (so excited!) But all over the forums I’ve seen references to these things called “flash carts.” There’s even some “Flash Cart Builder” in the ArduManFX utility. Can anybody tell me the actual purpose to these and how to make one, if possible? Thanks!

If you had used the search feature and searched for “flash cart” you would have found the answer yourself.

Originally, the flash chip that has been added to the Arduboy to make it an Arduboy FX was intended to be put on a cartridge that plugged into an expansion connector that was “hacked” onto an Arduboy, thus the term “Flash Cart”. Anything referring to a Flash Cart almost certainly also applies to the flash chip of an Arduboy FX.

You can read all about it here:

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The “cart” really just means the collection of games.

Oh, okay. It just sounded like some sort of physical thing for those cartridge based Arduboys. I must have misunderstood! :sweat_smile:

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I must admit, I think someday we need to sit down and decide on some standardised terminology because different people refer to things differently and some of the terms (like ‘cart’) are confusing.

Then we could put a glossary somewhere and just point people to it.