What happened to Ardumon?

I’m fairly certain it was cancelled, either for fear of Nintendo’s banhammer or because nobody could find a way to make it small enough to be more than just a demo.

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What i read from this:
Arduventure was much better and so this was released with no further time for ardumon left.

So is the demo available?

I don’t know, all I’ve ever seen of it is a small screenshot.

I’m not sure there ever was a playable demo released, just a screenshot on the kickstarter page and a small feature in the kickstarter video.

From the thread @Nicole_Birgel linked to:

That was February 2016.

I’m pretty sure development dried up or simply got thrown out entirely in favour of Arduventure.

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Where is the screenshot?

Here on the original kickstarter page:

Literally the only evidence I’ve actually seen that Ardumon was ever a thing.
Everything else has just been mentions and whispers, nothing tangible.

A pokemon-like game would be possible on Arduboy,
but it would be severly limited compared to the original games.
(I wrote an explanation of this once.)


Side question how many pixel by how many pixel is the arduboy screen?

128x64 (1bpp)
(I think it’s specifically this one.)
(The gameboy was 160x144 if you were thinking along those lines.)

That’s a 0.96" not the 1.3" but I think it is the right interface.

I’m not very good with inches, I’ve never needed them for anything.
(One day the glorious SI revolution will finally take hold.)

I’ll edit the link.

It’s been asked elsewhere. We had a functioning demo with an “overworld” and a battle system. Then we ran out of memory. Shortly there after Arduventure popped up on the radar and we just gave up because it is so much better. I’ll ask @chris if he still has the code for it laying around.


Thanks it would be cool to play.

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There is really nothing to play. It’s not an alpha, hardly even a tech demo. But I’ll ask.


That fine I just think a pokemon battle on my arduboy would be cool.


It would be interesting to see how far it can go with the more mature libraries.

Then that just leaves poofy


Yea would be nice to see it become a full game.:smiley:


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Yes, just for the fun of it, no need to tell a long story. Just some cute pixel monsters to catch, train and adore😊


Dose @chris have the code? :grin: