What happens to the old sketch when uploading?

So I’m thinking of trying a new game on my Arduboy, but it’s already got Squario installed and I was wondering if there was anything specific I needed to do to replace the game? Will it automatically uninstall Squario if I put another one on there? Or do I need to uninstall it manually? Thanks in advance

No need to uninstall before reinstalling! :wink:

So, if i put another game on there, the previous one will just dissappear by itself?

Yes indeed! with one exception. if the new program is smaller, it will have a portion of the memory still with data from the previous one but it is normal! that the unused part of the memory is initialized or at zero this does not affect the smooth operation!

Ok, thanks for the help

Something else to be aware of is that if your previous game had any save data (e.g. highscores),
and the new game has save data,
then the new game might end up overwriting the old game’s save data.

It’s not guaranteed, but it’s somewhat likely.