What if... Arduboy was a... calculator

Stumbled on a bunch of calculator pictures then I realized what if “Arduboy” was actually a calculator?

A graphic / graphing calculator that can be reprogrammed.

And came pre-installed with educational apps that taught you math, and science, and the environment and maybe a few different langauges.


Post your favorite calculator or calculator related pictures here!

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The model I use, and have used since secondary school:

I have it set to LineIO mode so it’s a bit more programmer-ish.

I think making something calculator-like would mean it’s no longer an Arduboy, but it would be something fairly unique.

Get Bill Nye to support it and call it a “Bill Nye Box”. :P

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In college I got this:

And I made it a mission to get all of the games and apps everyone in class had for it.

A periodic table of the elements app got me through chemestry class.

What if something like this (not quite as many scientific functions, I dont think? how much could you cram into 32kb) and have the actual calculator function be one of the many games on the flash cart. The default one.

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Arduboy as a graphing calculator

  • I’m on board this is clearly a good idea, schools already use calculators that can be reprogrammed.
  • No, no, too many buttons, just a focused gaming system.
  • Seriously, what are you smoking?

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I was looking at that sexy flickr account right now, oh those calculators : )

In my thread about building an arduboy from scratch, I’ve posted a pic of a sexy macro pad using cherry clicky switches, as well as a pic of a Pocket Operator.
Something like this could be super cool not just as calculator, but also as a music making pocket machine.

Unfortunately my pcb designing skills are not quite up to the task, but glad we both got to a similar idea, maybe it means it could really be a thing?

EDIT: also cool, using the same cpu as the arduboy would give compatibility to all those games, even if with a weird button matrix layout, many could be enjoyable still.

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I have had an idea to do a calculator format for some time, but hadn’t thought about the practicality of actually trying to just market it as an actual fully featured calculator, in actuality.

I’ve also had an idea for a music product that uses one octave of a piano keyboard too. But that’s for another thread.

HP-50g of course :star_struck:


What if the Arduboy had a keyboard.



I feel like it needs more resolution then, there is no way to type on it. Maybe it would need more resolution anyways… but text input is gnarly.

Then it’s just the smart response, right? You can’t be compiling code on it’self so I can’t see much of a point unless you wanted to do it through the basic interpreter. Which, I guess is what graphing calculators do… but what’s the point if you can plug it into your pc and use C++.

Actually it should be a graphing calculator that is main ergonomic focus is for gaming, that has a full scientific calculator functions with some limited graphing abilities.

But it’s gotta have bluetooth or wifi I think, and you point it at a repository. It could be like the master arduboy repo, but maybe you could use the “education only” one that doesn’t have games, or maybe your school or business could have their own repo…

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Is there a ‘master arduboy repo’ or are you talking about @eried’s … if you take out the games, there would not be much left! Maybe you need a Jam to create more, no-gaming content.


Talking about calculators. I think these creditcard calculators would be a nice base for the $5 Arduboy.


Yes! Exactly!

What if Arduboy was just that but with an LCD screen and 128x64 30fps display and something of equivalent horsepower to the 32u4 and a “easy to use” toolchain.

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Introducing only an idea Arducalcardcade the ultimate portmanteau of meta-ideas.


It seems someone’s already had a similar idea with an ESP32…


Ya but thats huge and expensive

EDIT: Although also further proving my “if you add features it becomes something else” meme.

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The ladies’ fake fingernails are freaking me out.


I keep dreaming of a similar design to that of the PO, with AA batteries on the back, minus one column of buttons in the matrix (4x4 + 3 in total), and possibly one analogue control: either a knob, a slider or an endless spin wheel (could be used to modulate values on the calc and an infinite amount of other cool stuff on the gaming front).

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fx-85ES. I had this (or one very much like it LONG long ago)

Ha, this is awesome.

If you’re a real calculator geek though this should do something for you: https://www.tindie.com/products/ArduinoEnigma/sinclair-scientific-calculator-emulator/

Imagine cramming an inspire to a formfactor like this. I mean the one that was from the early 2000s.