What if... Arduboy was a... calculator

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I keep dreaming of a similar design to that of the PO, with AA batteries on the back, minus one column of buttons in the matrix (4x4 + 3 in total), and possibly one analogue control: either a knob, a slider or an endless spin wheel (could be used to modulate values on the calc and an infinite amount of other cool stuff on the gaming front).

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fx-85ES. I had this (or one very much like it LONG long ago)

Ha, this is awesome.

If you’re a real calculator geek though this should do something for you: https://www.tindie.com/products/ArduinoEnigma/sinclair-scientific-calculator-emulator/

Imagine cramming an inspire to a formfactor like this. I mean the one that was from the early 2000s.

Could use something like this https://www.crystalfontz.com/product/cfax12864tnfh-lcd-graphic-128x64-display-module as the screen?

It has a different graphical controller (NT7534 vs SD1306) so you would have to write your own display driver software and recompile the games to use it.

I don’t think we will ever find a 1:1 compatible screen with the same graphics controller. Recompiling for a new target is at some point inevitable. At bigger issue might be how the display actually performs its draws as the library will need to be overhauled and also the other displays wont have as high a refresh rate possibly other quirks.

Oh no :scream: i just had to look, they are horrible!



ST7565 ST7565 128x64 - Buy Quality ST7565 128x64 on m.alibaba.com

I present to you the HP35boy:

The HP-35 was Hewlett-Packard’s first pocket calculator and the world’s first scientific pocket calculator: a calculator with trigonometric and exponential functions.

Of course is RPN :stuck_out_tongue:

It includes 2 roms of the calculator. Holding B loads the version with a bug http://www.jacques-laporte.org/HP3520bug.htm

hex file (also in http://arduboy.ried.cl)


Wow I didn’t see that post and it’s got it right there! Obviously modifying games to make work doesn’t come with a memory tax does it? How much work does it take to modify games to work with it?

Wait holy crap the bootloader already supports it too!! Oh man! Ok.

Oh here it is with the RGB backlight:


I guess you are also slightly modifying the code to keep the LED default white?



This is incredible @eried I’m assuming all the functions work as intended?

Now it just needs to be refactored for more buttons! :smiley:

Yes, it has the full rom, it is emulating the hp35 hardware. All the work was done by this guy: http://www.jacques-laporte.org/HP3520ROM.htm I just made little tweaks and adapted it to the arduboy.


Yep and you can build sketches too using the homemade package. The RGB LED controls the backlight. turning it off (black) will be translated to white on

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Ah nuts, been looking at that LCD, but there is no way, the blur is too bad. :frowning:

1up for the arduboy, what’s next bake bread (could be, connected to a oven haha), maybe world peace (send one to trump/putin/kim it may be a good distraction from their usual stupidities)

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1980 - calculator inspires handheld video games, 2019 - handheld video games inspire calculator. The circle is now complete lol.


And finally the Matrix can reboot. See you all next cycle!

I’m bumping this because this is still a great idea. How better to market it to schools than to turn it into a calculator.

Just spend the Arduboy 16 buttons an go on with IVEE: