What is pin 7 on the OLED? [Nothing]

(Jim) #41

Those pins are VSS and CL (Ground and Clock) The data sheet dictates that CL should be connected to VSS if not used - on page 14 of the Rev 1.5 Aug 2010 version. Pinouts are on page 9.
I’ll have some greyscale pics for you on the weekend. I’ve just FR pin hacked an SPI display board and written and tested some SPI code. Working fine. Cheers
PS: The SPI Oled board I picked up is a 20 pin FPC and these are even easier to hack because the FR PCB track extends even further than the 30 pin versions.

(Josh Goebel) #42

There are one or two, but they all flash the screen or have some weird side effect. I’m not aware of a magical “reset the FR signal but do nothing visible” opcode.