What is your favorite game?

Arduboy Magazine Vol 2 wants to know… what are your favorite Arduboy games?

The poll feature on the forum only allows for 20 options to be listed, so comment below what some of your favorite games are, and then we’ll create a new post that the community can vote on. :slight_smile:

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My favourite game is whatever I am working on at the time. By the end of dev, it’s generally my least favourite game :stuck_out_tongue:


My favourite game is probably Train Dodge. But I like quite a few Arduboy games.

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list a bunch you like :slight_smile: we’re gonna vote on the top 20 (or how-many) listed here in a “poll” post

Train Dodge
You Won’t Survive
Roger Dodger
Chicken Cross
Shadow Runner
Suit Shooter
Box Stacker
Hollow Seeker

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1 Circuit dude
2 Jetpac


I’m really biased, but my favorite games are…

Circuit Dude (Link)
Absolutely loved working on this project and love how it turned out. I’m planning on releasing the level creator soon and maybe release it on another platform.

Hollow Seeker (Link)
Great game with simple controls. Glad I saw this gem posted on Twitter.

Blob Attack (Link)
F’ing loving this game. Puyo Puyo for the Genesis (AKA Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine) is addicting and I was so happy to see this game pre-loaded onto the device. Really plays just like the original!

Even though it isn’t a full game, I love Arduventure! Mystic Balloon is also great!

Bangi honestly. Solid gameplay and addictive

I also like squario and lqp 79. I havent tried any new games in awhile though.


I personally like Trolly Fish by Team A.R.G. the graphics are cute and the gameplay is very fun.

Moderator Note:
Links to Team ARG’s website have been removed due to malicious new owners.


A little necro bump just to see whose playing what.

I’m just not a favourite’s kinda guy there’s still plenty I haven’t played and some that never floated my boat but for me these five are amongst the best.

Virus LQP-79 - I actually bought my first arduboy just to play this game the sprites are just awesome. This game now permanently resides on my Gold backed Red Kickstarter I just hope @JO3RI revisits this game I would love to see some background music and extra features crammed in with all the advances TEAM a.r.g have been making.

EVADE - I love the sound trek and the documentation is awesome the game just feels really polished I was blown away just on the title screen. I would really love a modus branded Arduboy and flyer to go with it or a 2017 sequel @JayGarcia :wink:.

Circuit Dude - This puzzler is just one “huge” game great for passing a Sunday afternoon. I completed this and it currently resides on my toasted dead Arduboy, I’m hoping @crait crammed in a repair function as the character has really come to life. Or I secure it it’s own special Arduboy.

1943 - I’ve played a bucket load of this and probably overworked @filmote with my nitpicking but this is a fantastic title offering both short and long term gameplay it’s perfect for commuting a real button masher and a classic.

CastleBoy - it’s like back to the future this game really makes me feel like I’ve been thrown back to the mid 80’s probably because I really suck at it but don’t care either it’s just pure fun gaming just like when I was a kid.


Thank you @keyboard_camper ;). We’re currently working on another game, but are in the process of deciding what type of game.

I’ve been heads down looking at ATMLib to see if we can use it for music & sfx :slight_smile:


platformer: Mystic Balloon
Puzzler: Circuit Dude


I’d say
Cascade path: unsure of what game type
Note: I’m just sayin even though it’s over :wink: