What’s the best Arduboy game?

Hey guys so I’ve been playing Arduboy for a while and I was wondering what the best game is thanks

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I would say the one you like playing the most at least till you get bored of it :+1:t2:

Or are you looking for a list of recommendations as people’s tastes vary?

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Are you just looking for game recommendations or do you genuinely want to know what people’s favourite Arduboy games are?

Obviously there’s no such thing as “the best game” because everyone likes different things.

(Though I’d argue that “the best game” is programming :P)

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I’d argue that hardware guys have more smoke and adventure than the software guys.

If looking for suggestions this fairly recent post may help.

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Half-Life 3.​​​​​​​​​​


The best? The one you write …


I think there have been multiple threads about this very subject on the site. Here are just a few of the already-existing threads about the same subject: 1, 2, 3, 4

As for my favorites, I think:

Midnight Wild by @crait
Circuit Dude by @crait

(I’m a bit bias, though! :laughing:)

When it comes to other peoples’ games?
Blob Attack by Team A.R.G. (@JO3RI, Castpixel)
Hollow Seeker by @obono
Dark & Under by Garage Collective (@luxregina, @Pharap, @filmote)
Micro City by @jhhoward
Virus LQP-79 by Team A.R.G. (@JO3RI, Justin Cyr, Castpixel)
Space Cab by @filmote and @Vampirics
Logix by @filmote
MicroTD by @drummyfish
Ardynia by @city41
Tackle Box by @city41
Crates by @jessemillar




… …
Or so fun it never get bored
Probably not possible, but…yeah. It was the one that own the arduboy decide what game he want to put on there.
Depends on YOUR taste, really.

Like I happened to like retro racing game, but there aren’t really good ones so I have to begin to make mine. Would take a lot of work!

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Wow great list. Still learning more about the hidden gems.

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Thanks for this list! It makes finding games easier :grin:

That list is two years old … I am sure there have been some great games since then!

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It’s just occurred to me, if you’re trying to find games, you might want to look at these links:



I like this one. It’s called Ardubullets. ARDUBULLETs - a short time shmups game