What screen should i buy?

Ok i have an arduino pro micro now and I want to know what screen i should buy for it so it works with the default library.
(i have already bought 3 screens that didnt work)

I you can afford one, the Adafruit 1.3" or 0.96" displays both have the proper SSD1306 controller and are fully 5V compatible.

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Basically you just need an SSD1306-compatible SPI-based 128x64 monochrome screen.
(Preferably OLED.)

If I had to guess I’d say that they were probably I2C instead of SPI,
but just on the off chance that actually one of them is the correct screen and there’s another reason it wasn’t working properly,
could you specify what the screens are/were?

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all of them had 4 pins

Then they were I2C. You need one with an SPI interface (and a SSD1306 controller). 7 pins (or 8 for the Adafruit ones) is best but 6 pin ones with CS missing should work.


If you don’t mind recompiling(uploading) games using the Arduino IDE then you could use those 4 pin displays using the Homemade Package. The included libraries have support for those 4 pin I2C displays. Not all games are supported though.

However if you want to use an OLED display that is fully compatible (uses the exact same display controller) then you could use one of those suggested by @MLXXXp those smaller 0.96" ones can also be purchased cheaply on aliexpress if you have patience. Just make sure it has 7 pins

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In the first post, @Jalecko said:

I interpret that as not wanting / needing to modify the library. Not as ‘I want to upload only orignal hex files’

The Homemade package also comes with default libraries. (not requiring to make any changes to the library files)


This is the one i used https://www.ebay.ca/itm/1-3-inch-OLED-128x64-display-SSD1306-board-module-SPI-interface-7P-for-arduino/123259186838?hash=item1cb2d1ee96:m:mmgUFOZEcBe0g_kiRR8zAUA

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What is the exact wiring for that one?