What should I study?

hi all, i’m new over here, just have a little question
i’m waiting for some pieces to build my own arduboy and would love to create at least one game for it, i know some C# but wanna study something more, should i go for C and C++? or learn to program for arduino? (like, taking a course for arduino exclusively)
i saw the tutorials here but there’s some things that i have on my head already but don’t know how to make them and don’t see it on them
also some time ago i saw a tutorial on how to write games on C for the gameboy and it looks pretty similar to what you do with arduboy
this one

sorry for the long message and sorry if i write some things wrong, i’m argentinian so my english can be pretty bad

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I think if you want to write games for the Arduboy then your best bet is to do the tutorials. if you are a c# developer, you will be able to rip through them pretty quickly and be able to expand on your knowledge.

I was going to suggest you study Portuguese as a joke. I was in Buenos Aires a few months ago and loved it.

No constest - C++. It does everything C does and more.

If you covered basic OOP (classes and object) in your C# experience then C++ will probably feel more familiar anyway.

Besides which, if you want to program for the Arduboy then C++ is the only practical option because the Arduboy2 library is written in C++.

Learning how to translate ideas into code is just as much a part of learning how to program as learning a language is.

I’d suggest starting with a hello world program and altering it to make it do what you want it to.
It’s better to start with simple things before trying to build the things you want to build.

Also don’t be afraid to ask for help when you get stuck.

I would assume that the Game Boy is probably harder to write for because the hardware is presumably a bit more complicated, but I say that having never tried to write a Game Boy game.

Just to confirm, when you say “taking a course”,
do you mean that you are planning to take some kind of paid course in Arduino/C++?

You may or may not find some of the resources here helpful:

joke!? next time we talk i’ll have native lvl with Portuguese! hahaha
and of course i’ll do the tutorials, it was a long time since i studied c# and need to refresh my memory so that’s handy

alright then, c++ it is

as i said before i’ll definitely gonna start with the tutorials, and for the asking for help part too, is just that i had really bad experiences in other forums asking for things, instead of helping people just laugh because i didn’t know how to do something basic for them, i got used to try to do all alone because of that

i was thinking about this, i really like the possibilities arduino have but for now i’m just interested on the arduboy
i’ll take a look to that collection too, really thanks n.n

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También un poco de castellano sin tanto che, boludo, vos, etc

aunque no me creas nunca hablo de esa forma, me desagrada bastante la forma de hablar de aca

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I can tell you from experience, that absolutely does not happen here. There are some members here (you’ve already met both of them in this thread) who have been incredibly kind and helpful.

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Fortunately you shouldn’t have problems with that here.

If you’re in any doubt, feel free to have a look through some older help topics and see first hand the kind of responses people get to their questions.

There is quite some overlap.

The Arduboy doesn’t make as much use of the Arduino library as other environments, but it does make some use of it and pretty much everything from the Arduino library can theoretically be used on the Arduboy.

I’d like to add that most Arduino devices are in fact programmed with C++.
As much as Arduino likes to claim that there is some ‘Arduino language’,
it’s actually just C++ with an extra preprocessing step that converts .ino files to .cpp files.

Eu falo português fluentemente :stuck_out_tongue: