What USB cable I need for Arduboy?

Hi everyone, i have preoredered a Arduboy and I don’t know what USB cable I need for the Arduboy. Is it included in the package or I have to buy it?

It’s the practically ubiquitous Micro USB. Does not come in the package.

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You will need a micro-usb cable that can transmit data as well as recharge a device.

If the cable you use for your cell phone also let’s you sync the cell phone to a pc, that cable will work fine.

Buying a Cable

The cable below is well built and inexpensive; it’s sold through http://monoprice.com.

3ft USB 2.0 A Male to Micro 5pin Male 28/24AWG Cable w/ Ferrite Core (Gold Plated)

I found this cable through the article The Best Micro-USB Cable (2015), published by thewirecutter.com.

Oh this reminds me I was going to look into some custom usb cables to put into the store! What do you think, anyone got any suggestions for color/features? We can literally do ANYTHING. I will find out what the minimum order quantity is.

I’m thinking purple, for the original prototype color, and its kind of a company color by now. Maybe the heart logo stamped into the connector?

I would say colors that fit to the arduboy :smiley:
something more experiementing would be a magnet connector, but i asume thats out of range

I bought a couple of these in anticipation :wink:

Nice, those fabric ones are pretty cool and seems like they are stocking the good ones. I could just resell USB cables (which is what these are) because I can get them cheap but you’re better off getting that somewhere else, like pimoroni (ps, I love the stuff they make)

What I’m talking would be something custom similar to what sparkfun has:

The trick is getting the high quality silicon cable material that isn’t too stiff.

Then there is also flat cables, and light up cables, cables with zippers… I should buy one of each kind of cable I can find in the electronics markets in Shenzhen, it will probably be over 100 different styles.

Maybe a purple flat one with molded ends?

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