What're your guys' favourite push buttons?

Definitely not planning something new :flushed:

Anyone tried any of these below?

(I see this being quite popular)


Or any of these? (The stuff being pointed at)

I’ve tried all of those and more. What do you want to know?

It’s important to know that all of these are designed by the manufacturer to be pressed by something else, an actual keycap.

That’s the downside to many of these is that the force required to press them may not actually be that high, but since the surface area of the button is so low and your fingers deform… they become quite difficult and uncomfortable to press.

That’s one of the reasons the SKPM series is one I like, it’s got a large surface area and the travel is long too so it gives you a good feedback.

I’ve bought a lot of those random buttons but like with 100 different samples.

In general, the lighter the force is better, generally around 100grams is good, it’s rare to find anything less than that but sometimes there are 45 gram buttons and those can feel too soft I think. The snap domes on the Arduboy are 85 grams.

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I dunno. The feel of them? The force required to press them? Not too much force, but not too mushy either. Not too clicky, but not too un-clicky.

It’s almost impossible to tell without trying them yourself. But like I said look for something around 100 gram force and a larger contact pad will feel better.

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