What's some relatively easy stuff I can do to get more familiar with GitHub?

Hi, I haven’t been on this forum for a while, but I’ve become more interested in electronics and programming. I’d like to build something of a portfolio, and from what I’ve seen/heard, the best way to do this is make stuff and put it on GitHub and contribute to open-source projects, even just fixing typos and stuff. Is that true?

Do you want to build a portfolio that shows your skills in electronics or do you want to learn to use GitHub? The message is a little unclear of your intent.

Building a portfolio is a great idea if you are hoping to get into the industry but it needs to be backed by some formal education or work experience. Contributing to open source projects - hopefully more that fixing typos - is a nice way of showing that you are active in non -paid aspects of the industry as well. If the projects you contribute to are aligned with your interests and future job roles then even better.

Why not start building a game for the Arduboy? Even a simple game can demonstrate all aspects of delivering a solution - initial planning, code development, test cases, etc. You may want to go overboard in some of the design documentation to show that you can do it well. Through this, you will learn how to use GitHub and learn to program somewhat (if you cannot already).

Good luck!

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Alright, thanks! I’ve made some primitive stuff for the Arduboy but that was a while ago when I was less familiar with memory management and stuff. I’ll take the advice of planning and stuff, but how can I showcase that in GitHub?

P.S. - My main focus is programming and this is mainly just to show how I do stuff outside of formal schooling.

Not really sure TBH. Add your github links to your social media profiles or resume?