What's the meaning of the numbers at boot and how do I avoid them?

since a while everytime I startup my Arduboy programm right after the ARDUBOY logo moves in theres a text below shown: 0AAA00.

Whats about that text, how to get it away? Its no bad issue but I just wonder and dont find anything about it.


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The arduboy has memory reserved in the EEPROM for you to set a unit name of up to 6 characters. The unit name starts at position 10 in memory and continues for 6 bytes.

I would be guessing someones naughty code overwrote the area accidently.

See the documentation here >

You can download my utility and set the unit name yourself >


Or, you can use the SetSystemEEPROM example sketch included in the Arduboy2 library.
File > Examples > Arduboy2 > SetSystemEEPROM

It’s also available in Erwin’s Arduboy Collection in the Application genre.

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Thank you all! That helped out, dont know that was the issue. Now its fixed.

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I had totally forgotten about that sketch … before (shamelessly) recommending my own program, I looked at Crait’s Arduboy Assitant thinking it had this function.


I think one of @Mr.Blinky’s Python utilities might have EEPROM writing capability,
perhaps you were thinking of that?

yes there’s an EEPROM erase script that will wipe the complete EEPROM and backup and restore scripts.

But no dedicated script yet to change the systems settings.

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