Whats up with the transparent shipping?

I understand that you guys are producing these in batches. I bought my Arduboy around Fed 19th, and was excited when I was told that they would be shipping in Feb. I emailed support to ask more specifically, and was told that they would be shipping out as soon as they got them at the end of February. Now its almost a week into march, and I still haven’t received any emails or anything. Whats going on yo? I’m not mad, btw. I’m excited. Need more info.

So I backed the Arduventure Special Edition on Kickstarter, The last update was that they got delayed leaving China before the New Year celebration. But that they had made it to the shipper and would be leaving this week for the US and other parts of the world. I am guessing that your purchase is coming with these batches.

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We were sold out coming out of the holiday season and so we opened up preorders. Then we were featured in Linus Tech Tips and our sales went up by an order of a magnitude overnight, so our original batch that we had requested from our factory wasn’t enough.

That is correct that is the reason we were out of stock in the first place.

New ones are coming in on Friday and will ship out next week.

And as @wargfn we are already trying to do fulfillment for the Kickstarter so very busy doing fulfillment right now.