When Arduboy wanted to be a Game and watch

I hope you like it. Many to Mr Blinky for his work, he was a great inspiration.

Who is encouraged to perform Game Donkey Kong Jr?



I love it. To be perfect, you could do a white part around the green part but i like it alot already.

This is super high quality! Do you have any more pics showing the construction?? Really impressed!

Are you using modules or do you have the chips on your own pcb?


Now you just need to put Kong on it :P

I must admit, I much prefer the horizontal orientation for a console, it’s more ergonomic.


Actually I realized you could go one level cooler and do the artwork in the upper left corner using copper layers and other combination of layers to make a color-like effect.

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Wow … that’s amazing. Speaking for @Vampirics (hope you don’t mind) and I, I think if you were to make us both one of these we could make a DK Jnr game for it.


I am in of we get one each for sure :wink:


it gives off a nice Game & watch vibe. Well done. How does it look from the side and back?

Looks awesome, love the artwork and buttons on it.

Must have scared @FJNM away!

Drive by DIY

Sorry for not answering before.
Here you have some photos of the plates.
I will soon take photos of the creation process, when i do the second


Ah nice, “peanut” style construction!

Personally I would make a bunch of PCB’s with random button placements to match other game and watch systems but hey Im all in for weird controls as I currently play Mario galaxy with my Wii remote taped to a ladder

I wonder what an N64 style Arduboy would look like :thinking:

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If they matched other game and watch systems they wouldn’t really be random. :P

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I hope you like it.


Them’s some consoles! Nice!

This reminds me of an idea I had for an image thread where you just post one picture of your DIY hardware, development kits, or just collection of classic game systems.

How many times have you made an Arduboy clone it looks like several! I can see the progress you have been making!

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Where did you say you could buy this great device ? What’s that, nowhere? Too bad you could sell loads (or at least maybe one :wink:) :rofl:.

Seriously @FJNM do you have any plans on making your great work publicly available?