When is the estimated date the Arduboy will be for sale to the public?

Sorry I am sure its been asked before? When will they be available for purchase? Has the people that donated from the start get there Arduboys yet?

Sign up for the wait list on our website www.arduboy.com to be notified when we go live with pre-orders. We will be doing this as soon as we start manufacturing of the kickstarter backer units. So sometime in the next month or so?

Additional units will likely not ship until sometime the first quarter of next year due to components supply and production schedules.

More info soon, we will make sure to give lots announcements as soon as we know more! Thanks!


This thing is never going to be sold! All I get is junk emails.

We’ve shipped the early bird and developer units, and the final ones are in production as we speak. It’s taken longer to get here than we thought but we expect to have additional units in stock by the end of April after we ship all the pre-orders.

Hang in there!

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