When Is The Next Game Jam

Oh, i love the wildwest setting, nice idea. I am patiently waiting for Red Dead II already :wink:

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I think @filmote has a good point… The last jam had an educational aspect since those kinds of games didn’t quite exist on the system. Maybe we should find a theme that the Arduboy is missing, like board games or something.

We could organise an unofficial one without prizes.
We can’t really organise an official one without Mr Admin.

I think I’d give it a miss again, I’ve got enough projects on my to do list.

In Space!


So it on then we just need a host

great timing!
i got my nephew an arduboy for his birthday about a month ago and he’s enjoying it, and i just got mine a day ago and was trying to come up with a project to share with him.
i am so down.
following this thread and looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

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Another (though probably un-official) Gam Jam sounds great! :grinning:


What about countries as themes? Bring on the stereotypes!
Europe: castles, cheese, making wine, gladiators, spaghetti, etc
or Australia: kangaroos, emus, BBQ, boomerangs, camping, etc


@Freezingsnail had this covered …

I am thinking of a game featuring a Drop Bear.


@Celinebins & @filmote:

Really though, I’d be tempted to just rip off Allo Allo.
All the stereotypes I could ever want :P


My noodlin game in south Carolina will fit in that topic :fishing_pole_and_fish:

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Awesome … just wade right into the water and grab 'em.

I am thinking of a game called ‘Kangaroo Cull’ where you have to pull the trigger right when they are in the centre of the sights.

Hmm i’d guess i should make a game about a cheesy dude plugging holes in a dike then :stuck_out_tongue:

Prefer the Western theme though

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Kangaroos, because Emus would be too difficult.

Emus 1, Aussies 0

And cassowaries for that matter. The southern cassowary: endangered and dangerous.
(Good look at a cassowary here for anyone interested.)


What about Cane toads for bonus points.

I was thinking a school-themed jam because the school year is going to start soon (doesn’t have to be educational). :abc:

I made a game about a kangaroo:stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds like a perfect opportunity to make a Skool daze remake.

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Please, no school related games. As a teacher i am glad not to see that in my spare time​:scream::laughing:
I really love my job, but i take enough of it home already😆


I had forgotten about this game.

It is fairly forgettable… :joy:

1 finally got out of school! I don’t wanna do that, too. Haha.

What about XTREME sportz?

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