When Is The Next Game Jam

(Simon) #16

Awesome … just wade right into the water and grab 'em.

I am thinking of a game called ‘Kangaroo Cull’ where you have to pull the trigger right when they are in the centre of the sights.


Hmm i’d guess i should make a game about a cheesy dude plugging holes in a dike then :stuck_out_tongue:

Prefer the Western theme though

(Pharap) #18

Kangaroos, because Emus would be too difficult.

Emus 1, Aussies 0

And cassowaries for that matter. The southern cassowary: endangered and dangerous.
(Good look at a cassowary here for anyone interested.)


What about Cane toads for bonus points.

(JohnnydCoder) #20

I was thinking a school-themed jam because the school year is going to start soon (doesn’t have to be educational). :abc:

(Holmes) #21

I made a game about a kangaroo:stuck_out_tongue:

(Stephane C) #22

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to make a Skool daze remake.

(Nicole Birgel) #23

Please, no school related games. As a teacher i am glad not to see that in my spare time​:scream::laughing:
I really love my job, but i take enough of it home already😆

(Simon) #24

I had forgotten about this game.

(Holmes) #25

It is fairly forgettable… :joy:

1 finally got out of school! I don’t wanna do that, too. Haha.

What about XTREME sportz?

(Simon) #26

Like a game where you try to herd the wild camels into a paddock or you fight the dingoes away from your baby?

(Nicole Birgel) #27

Yeah, like epic world games: Log tossing, bull riding, barrel jumping…:laughing:

(Cody) #28

I were all ready. I’ve started a thread already

(fred ) #29

I work for a university, am in school also. So I agree with this.

(Miloslav Číž) #30

Could we maybe have some vague, very general topic? Something that’s left for interpretation and leaves a lot of space for creativity and fun. You know, we probably don’t need another 5 western-themed games.

Some examples of what I mean:

  • darkness
  • AI
  • speed
  • time
  • procedural
  • sound

I think it would be fun just to see how people interpret the theme - e.g. AI: some might create a game with good AI opponents, while someone could create a game with a story that involves an evil AI, etc.

What do you think?

(JohnnydCoder) #31

That sounds like a great idea! This jam could end with a lot of great games!

(Jul) #32

Horror Jam!! Halloweeeeeeeeeeen weeeeee!!

(Pharap) #33

The most extreme (and most delicious) of sports.
Cheese rolling!

(Cody) #34

Should I edit mine or just close it and let someone else make one

(Nicole Birgel) #35

Some german cheese would be interesting with this sports: