When Is The Next Game Jam

Looks like we need a steward for this endeavor. Rules, theme, time, polling for entries (etc).

One of my hobbies too :see_no_evil:


I’d definitely enter for one. Love Gameboy.

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Have we decided on a Theme Date And End date?

@Cody17 take charge! Why don’t you declare a theme, a start date and an end date.

I will throw in a second-place prize - a Tetris Microcard with the winners choice of Tetris or 1943 on it.


Okay then.
Link:Unofficial Game Jam

The theme should be announced the first day of the jam. Don’t announce it early.

Sorry, I edited my comment! I was half asleep when I wrote it! :laughing:

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Awesome … was that meat at your local supermarket? It’s really lean so hard too cook - like venison. Most Aussies won’t eat it and a lot ends up in dog food.

You should make this game - if it fits the theme!


In London I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Its sort of like how Italy and Spain dump there tomatoes and other produce on us at below-cost. We send our junk meat to the UK and keep the best beef and lamb here!

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Most Brits love bland food like steak & kidney pie, shepher’s pie, fish & chips, battered cod, ‘bangers’ and mash, jacket potato, mushy peas…

Especially the older generations. I have an older relative who even awlays the skin off her jacket potato when she goes out to eat (and at home she cooks her vegetables until they’re soggy and tasteless).

In the words of Poirot: “The English, they do not have a cuisine my friend, they have only ‘the food’.

(Though I disagree about the cheese, British cheese is perfectly good. And yorkshire puddings and cornish pasties are also decent.)

I love these … but you can keep the cod for yourself.

Edit: I can’t believe I missed the opportunity to mention the Spinal Tap cod-piece.

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Local butchers he does game meats and occasional ostrich and crocodile at times I love the giant rat it melts in the mouth more should eat it.

Skins are the best part of a jacket :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I’ve hit the age of having Ewoks growing in my ears I crave offal it must be an old people thing.

Soggy sprouts is definitely a no no though.

America isn’t much better with it’s diet of corn syrup and diet soda

You guys are making me hungry… I’ve been on a very strict diet, but I get to pig out on this tomorrow. :smiley:


Idk how anyone could willingly eat at Boston market.
I had 1 sweet tea once from McDonald’s and imeditaly felt ill from all the sugar

Hope the jam topic is food. Tapper clone where you slide people burgers but if you send them too much they explode

That’s a game you don’t hear too much about! (Oh, yeah, I know the girl who has the Tapper world record!)

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Over half of those I don’t eat. My palate is more continental.

A codpiece is one kind of cod that you don’t want battered. :P

That’s the usual reaction to that anecdote :P

I’ve never been a fan of sprouts, soggy or otherwise.
As far as I’m concerned, Brussels can keep them.
(At least I know they grow on a stalk though, most people only ever see them loose.)

Never tried corn syrup, never been a fan of coke or soda.
The only fizzy drink I drink is the occasional sparkling water.
(Normally I only drink tea, coffee and water.)

Also, you forgot burgers and ‘fries’. :P

I haven’t stepped foot inside a McDonalds for probably 5 years,
and I haven’t eaten at one for at least a decade.

At this rate, maybe it should be.

Thanks for the Mr. Creosote image.
Now I’ve been put off the food idea. :P