When to do the next Game Jam [Poll]

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Post idea taken shamelessly from @Cody17 here.

While we wait for the next Games Jam I personally thought it would be fun to pass the time with a suggestions thread.

So far I looked through all of the jams and really liked the progression of the themes. It seems like the most useful/useless app theme was super well received.

Curious what you all think could top that?

I’ll start us off:

Time progression games jam where the passing time and how you can interact in a fulfilling and fun way like a tamagotchi or cookie clicker game is.

Full disclosure this is the root of my current game development and having a ton of enjoyment building games like this. Obviously, the rules are to not use current code so it would be fun for me to think outside of the box of what I currently have tried creating.

I was thinking of doing the next jam theme being something related to how it was actually coded as opposed to directly how it is presented, but I think that it might be restrictive or difficult for new users.


Game Jam 5: It’s a feature, not a bug! I swear…

This is a fun idea and honestly ended up with a few moments during development where I ended up with this type of game. To your point though I have to agree making a game like this that comes off organic could be hard.

Kids games? Sort of like game jam 3 - education section, but with my second child on the way I have been in that mode recently. Not sure if it would gather much traction though.

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Also a good suggestion, I’ve always thought it would be cool if there is a game that just entertains 3 year olds by flashing different shapes and making different beeps every time a button is pressed.

My son is only 9 month old and just rather play with the charging cable. He HATED my BeepBeep POC game. Everyone’s a critic. Although, now that I have looked through all of the games a education theme might be dry. The more I think about my first suggestion the more I feel it would be hard to have that pick up, play, rate and score type of thing these game jams are meant for.

Make a game that cures diseases, heyo.

Also, we did education already I forgot: Game Jam 3.0 [Now Voting!]

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I was referencing that jam when I brought up kids games. Was more of a throw ideas out there to get people thinking.

I have an idea but I don’t want to let it out and spoil it.


Edit: Clicks? Ya’ll need Hover Zoom + if you use chrome. :P

Now I just had another one.

The better question for the community might be when, not what.

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Would be a shame if I… @ everyone now wouldn’t it…

Starts scrapping site for users…


When is a good time to do a game jam?

  • Now
  • A bit later
  • A bit more later
  • During FX Launch
  • After FX Launch

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Makes sense after launch IMO. The winner could end up in the baked in games maybe?

Major Edit: @bateske Oh, dang… the prize would make more sense if it was during the launch right? That way you can get it in there?

I think it makes sense during the launch as we could still include all the games made during the jam, and the prize could be an fx.


How do I change a vote? :frowning: Didn’t think about that till I made my edit.

edit: fixed

I had another idea for a theme, just sayin.

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@bateske Should we change the title to game jam 5 poll?

The problem with that is that the Arduboy can only track time while it’s being powered.

It’s possible to put it into sleep mode and keep counting,
but never turning the Arduboy off is a bit inconvinient.

(Not to mention that testing your code to make sure it doesn’t hit a bug after a certain amount of time elapses might take a while.)

How does one differentiate ‘kids games’ from non-kids games?
(Other than the latter has blood and gore…
Which is kind of hard to represent on a 1-bit screen.)

Are you still too new to upload images or are you just unsure how to do so?

I have a hammer. I’ll use it. :P

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Thats what I get for posting so much. Quoted to heck by @Pharap. :sweat_smile:

I’m a baby to this forum. Just 7 days old and learning etiquette so I’ll get there.