When will my Arduboy arrive?

the thing is…all the updates, everything that has been said officially…only adds up to 1200 units.
i am backer 1815…so…once again…when should i expect mine?

I appreciate the message of hope, but I was shooting for a more precise or official answer from someone who is actually in charge of something here…

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Sick burn :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

The Arduboy team is a few members, I may or may not be on it, you never know ; ) The message I left is pretty close to the reality. If you would like to keep super up to date, try IRC.

Kevin did receive the units recently, and they are starting to go out this week. I think the count for early bird was several hundred, so once those are all out the main group can be started on. The number that has to be sent is over 2000, and the list starts with the early birds.

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wasn’t meant to be harsh or anything at all…
just from the tone of your message it made it sound like you were just requoting what had already been said and I was looking for something more recent that’s all.

Gotcha, yeah that’s the most up to date info that’s out there. They are going out as fast as they can at this point.

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Thank you much :smile:

Hahaha, mine is going to take a long time to get here. I’m backer number 7000 something! :slight_smile: Oh well, I can wait till this summer to release another game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so glad these are shipping now, and they look great! Awesome work everybody!

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We just shipped all of the US, Canada and Mexico orders for Developer and Early Bird backers. About 850 units. We emailed tracking (but we might have got caught in the spam folder) so check for that if you are curious.

International Developer and Early Bird backers will ship from China in the next couple weeks.

The remainder of backers will ship in order and we are very hopeful that most everyone will get theirs before the end of April. Some people potentially May due to long shipping times.

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Can us international backers get a sneak peek at the production packaging? Cheers


Just got my Arduboy - outstanding device! Build is awesome and it plays just great. Also, appears I got an early one too :smiley:


Haha, yeah, I’ll say. Nice photo! Welcome 1 of 10k.

I’m jealous - blue is better than hot pink.

I’m backer 2500 and live in Israel. Can you tell me when this will ship? Really looking forward to getting it.

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Well, i have ordered on kickstarter C9 292 244 943 on JUNE 2015 - soon we have 1 YEAR Order Birthday!

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I was getting worried because mine hasn’t arrived, glad I’m not the only one.

I am Backer #5629 from the UK, I backed a White one. Still nothing in my inbox or post box. :disappointed:

I am not know how Number of Backer i am. I know only the money are going out at the 12.06.2015 - I would have written better it me. My fault.
I have ordered even an Arduboy in green later (21.01.2016) on the and support reported me, because I want to have a red but much better. Unfortunately, I’ve got so far, still no response.
I would like to join with my game - but will this year probably nothing more…

Most people should have gotten a tracking number by now, if you are still waiting for tracking information you can let me know by pm or using the contact form on the store page.

There is a little more than 500 backers we are trying to trace down and we will be sending an update to those we know are still waiting very soon.

Thank you everyone for your patience I know this has been a long ride!


If I didn’t back through Kickstarter and ordered through the store (Oct '15), when can I expect mine to be shipped? I asked back in December of last year and I was told spring of '16.

The best way to speed things up is sure you not to bother. We have a lot of understanding - wait is unfortunately very difficult in a society that is increasingly accustomed to always have everything immediately .

Preorders should ship first half of June!