When will my order ship?

I placed an order on October 27 and received an order number, but no other information after that. I tried logging into the main site with my account, but there’s no order status or any other info. Help?!

@bateske said in another thread that he’s shipped out most of the remaining units.

It’ll probably turn up in the next few days, I placed my order on the 7th of November and it arrived on the 7th of December.


Hopefully not long, I messaged Kevin about it, a load of them got posted out early last week, should be on the way I guess. (I ordered Nov 11, hopefully will get the board this week)


I hope to look back on these posts after the store is running smoothly with full inventory and a dedicated shipping agent making sure smiles exist on every face, and I’ll smile myself. In the mean time, thanks for putting up with the delays that have happened in shipping so far. It’s not where we want to be, and things are starting to get more organized, but the machine still needs more oil!

Feel free to PM @bateske or I with questions while the automated feedback and support page is worked on. Thanks @brian and @noel_abercrombie for fielding the question : D

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Thanks for the info. I’m going to check my mail once I get home. I haven’t checked in a couple of weeks and it may be sitting there and I may be bitching needlessly :wink: