When will the arduboy be sent?

Order number:R420279948.
Hi,kevin! I sent a email last month,wondering when my arduboy will ship.You replied that pre-order will be sent few weeks later,but i still not receive any email about shipping.If you shiped,can you give me track number?If not,give me the exact time when you ship.Hope to receive you email sincerely!!!


Just to give a heads up, I never received a tracking number, it just popped into my mail box one day, so that may be the case for you as well! (I live in NY and got it about a week ago if that helps).

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I don’t remember how long ago I got mine, but it also piped up in my box, yay! The next day I got a tracking number in my email;) I checked it it said delivered yesterday, lol

I should be checking my mail more often… :frowning:

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I order mine the 22th of May and get an email the 30th of May saying 'it should be shipped in June"… well no news now :frowning:

I ordered one way back, at the end of March. Kevin mentioned that he will be going to China on July 20th, and if it wasn’t handled by then, he would look into it personally


I doubt everything will be solved the day he gets there. I’d estimate shipping to start around late August to early September, but i’m optimistic. I’m sure well get an update near the 20th.

I ordered back in late October '15. Haven’t received mine yet and dying to get my hands on it. It’s a race between Arduboy and Pocket CHIP.


Hey Kevin, or possibly the development team. I ordered a single Arduboy, followed by a 2nd order of an additional 2 Arduboys through the website back in February. I have received no tracking information and have my concerns on when/where they might come in. Will it take additional time for mine to be sent out due to not ordering directly from the kick-starter page?

Let me know if theres a way to get a track on my orders, looking forward to hearing back from someone.
-Matthew Brodack

Hello, we are scheduled to begin shipping in the next couple weeks. We are working with our factory and new logistics provider to make sure that it gets to you as fast as possible. We had to develop some new packaging so that we can get through customs faster and comply with other regulations.

Sorry for the delay, will be getting it to you very soon!

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I received my Pocket Chip last Thursday. About two weeks ahead of the expected due date and it’s been a pretty cool thing to mess around with. I was able to VNC into it so I could use a regular keyboard to type away, set up dosbox and some old dos games to play (Prince of Persia, Wolfenstein 3D, Golden Axe). Where are you Arduboy?!!

Next week! That is the plan!

The people at Next Thing Co. ran a kickstarter before and they had more experience setting up their supply chain but more importantly customer expectation! Don’t forget their project started before Arduboy so they just planned things a little better. We love pocket chip!

Hang in there!

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