When will the next Arduboy drop?

I have no idea what you mean by this.

I think what @jesse means is, using a display like this one but sticking with a monochrome screen buffer, and just being able to choose which two colours represent the mono palette?

Could slow things down though, because you would need to send a lot more data over SPI anyway for a colour display… unless you found one with a parallel interface, and tied a lot of the pins together - enough to give a choice of just a few colours…

In other words 1-bit paletted mode?

Plausible if the screen supports it.
I don’t expect a modern screen would though.


Isn’t coloured film an option for pallets?

In my experience “when” is when the existing product is no longer profitable.

Here is a demo:

…using a 128x128 colour display (ST7735 controller), code is here:

Based on ArduNyan - it was simpler for me to just put together a sketch using the Adafruit-ST7735 library, and then pull in the sBuffer, drawBitmap and fillScreen from Arduboy2… as opposed to trying to wrangle the ST7735 functions into Arduboy2!

Obviously, there is a lot of room for optimisation!! But, it works, it was fun, and it proves the concept. :smile:


I just realised me and @noel_abercrombie wrote that block of assembly (well, the original version at least).
Though you wouldn’t know it because of what happened next.

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@noel_abercrombie and I … you are English right?

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I’ve been on to this impostor ever since he recommended #define. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes … will the real @pharap step forward?

Nobody in their right mind would use ‘X and I’ in my part of Blighty,
‘me and X’ or ‘X and me’ are the appropriate colloquialisms.

Though I plead guilty to always putting myself first :P.

It’s just “me n person” roun ere.

Speech is getting so lazy it’s hard to tell whose actually having a stroke.
And the youths just make sounds like the pigeons.

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I would love to at least be able to choose a color pallete for the arduboy! Our games could be more themed! Im not sure why baetske has not seen this yet.

Exactly, I couldn’t imagine anyone from England using ‘X and I’ unless they had a ridiculously posh accent, like something out of that Catherine Tate sketch.

In London it’s “me an’ Dave are off dahn the pub”
Up north it’s “me an’ Dave are off down’t pub”
In the west country it’s “me and Dave are off down the pub”, but in a voice that sounds like the Wurzels.

Innit blud? * rap music in the background *

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Lets get back to topic please.

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Fair enough (@filmote started it :P).

But seriously, I think @bateske should consider a mono-pallette screen, It would be a great addition (besides the death of backwards compatibility)

Would this mean that “on the fly” pallet swapping will be a thing???

The cost per unit would probably be unfeasible.


The cost per unit would probably be unfeasible.

right. sighs

Would this mean that “on the fly” pallet swapping will be a thing???

That would be neat, but im not sure if it would place too much load on the CPU.

If it were a screen function then it wouldn’t do because it would be the screen that changes colour via command, the Arduboy’s buffer could stay in the same format.

Unfortunately as I said earlier, I doubt a modern screen would have that functionality, you’d need an extra chip as a go between probably.