When will they be shipped in 2020?

Hey everyone!

I ordered by Arduboy on December 30th, 2019. At the time it was only available for backorders, and that still seems to be case.

While I’m fine with waiting… I did email twice asking for an ETA and got back zilch. Anyone has an idea when they’ll be in stock again?


@msanatan I have no idea but @bateske is your man for this question. Hopefully he’ll pop some info here to help you soon.

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Thanks @SimonMerrett, any input from someone with knowledge would be appreciated! I showed my nephew and we’re pretty psyched to work together :smiley:

I haven’t heard anything. I think I’ll just cancel my order and order from somewhere else or check back later in the year.

Arduboy Cheif Apology Officer here!

All orders are currently still being worked on, but we have been strugging to stay in stock since the black friday weekend. We have recieved hundreds of more orders than we planned, and they kept coming in after christmas.

We have 2 inventory shipments ordered from Seeed Studio, but they are in China and on holiday until the middle of next month.

I just sent status update to all customers. If you need to cancel, that can be processed, but I would encourage you to hang on if you can knowing you got the best prices possible on the purchase!

Sorry for the delay in handling this, there is a lot going on behind the scenes at Arduboy as I try to keep the ship afloat and try to rebuild it for even bigger seas.

Keep in mind that it’s mostly just me running things. I’m lucky to have awesome moderators and community members here to help keep the Arduboy dream alive. @chris is still alive actually doing the physical shipping but otherwise that’s it.

There is a real big thing going on taking most of my time right now, while that wouldn’t speed up you getting your orders, customer service has been completely screwed up for more than a year and it’s totally my fault. Unfortunately that is the one area that I can let slip and still keep things running. Paying taxes and bills comes first, then shipping, then the community and unfortunately customer service has to come last.

There was a time where customer service came first, and that was because @Celinebins handled it beautifully full time.

That said, it’s still something I strive to get everyone taken care of eventually. It might not be as fast as anyone would prefer but I try to eventually get back to everyone.

Right now there are more than a hundred orders and customer service tickets to resolve, and hopefully at the end of february will be caught up. That includes people waiting on replacement units or rewards from the game jam.

Once I’m through the tunnel and on the other side of some of these issues I’ll be able to discuss them and it will illuminate why things seem a little rocky from the outside. I’ve discussed writing a book before and I’d hope that if you read the story that some of this could be understood better.

Maybe not forgiven, but at least understood.

Doing my best, if you do in fact need to cancel please put a request into arduboy.com/contact/

Thank you!


Hey @bateske, thanks for taking the time to write an informative and thorough reply. My expectations are set and I’ll adjust to work with the shipping timeline. Maybe my nephew might get one earlier, but I guess I’ll have 2 for myself :smiley:.

And you’re definitely forgiven! I really like what this project is about and give you mad props for doing what looks monumental (at least from the outside).

I’m very new to the community, and coordinating remote activities has its overheads. However, I’m definitely willing to help steady the ship some more if you think it’s possible.

In any case, all the best as you work through these current challenges!

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Hang in there it’s on the way soon!