Where are ya'll buying your parts?

I’ve haven’t had any success finding parts in the price range that some of ya’ll are, like $12-$20 would be excellent, but anything links I’ve found are no longer go anywhere, or are not nearly in the price range. I’d appreciate anyone putting together a list, or pointing me in the right direction.

Could be nice to have a concise list of recommended parts and where to buy them, maybe different price ranges also, that gets updated regularly for anyone making their own.

That’s a good idea.

Maybe we could have a couple of lists - one for an Arduboy compatible (ie correct CPU, screen, etc) and one for a cheaper version (maybe using more commonly available but compatible parts).

Then we could put up a wiring schematic and configuration settings for the two builds.

The lists would need to be geography aware, somehow. There are not that many parts so you could list each one and then add URLs for that part across the world.


Amazon will usually have most of it but expensive, ebay is a little bit cheaper, cheapest is buying from aliexpress if you can find vendors that offer free shipping but it can take months to arrive… but so can ebay many times sellers are forwarding freight anyways.

Of course I should also encourage to buy whatever you can from Adafruit, Pimoroni and Seeed Studio :slight_smile: As they are stocking distributors of the Arduboy

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I’ll look into both eBay and AliExpress, does anyone have a list of the parts that I should be using so I know what to look for?

This is probably the most complete example on here I think, there are some instructible posts online that might be more step by step?

I’ve been meaning to make an official “how to make your own” arduboy guide that lives on the front page of the site, but all of the FX production has taken priority and wanted to finish that first.

Also this guide doesn’t include the flash chip for the FX part and that’s another reason for a new guide.


I buy my stuff mostly from Aliexpress using 12 day shipping.

Core parts:

Pro Micro with USB C choose TYPE-C USB 5V16MHz

0.96" SSD1306 OLED Display choose 7-pin-spi white

Silent buttons

With these parts you can make a basic Arduboy to play games. For a more luxury version you can add a passive pieze buzzer, RGB LED and external flash chip but those will also increase costs.


I’ve still got an idea to make a “universal arduboy” motherboard that has solder connection for different types of buttons and displays all on the same pcb. Although I can’t ship for free so I don’t know how these stores do it! I believe e-packet shipping only costs a dollar or something for tiny packages because they get lumped together.

I’m looking at getting Arduboy on amazon hopefully by the end of this year, and if I figure that out I can put the kit pcb on there as well so at least free shipping for those in the USA.

I can open source the pcb so you can also have it made and ship to you direct.