Where can I get a dev kit?

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The dev kits are sold out – I found out about Arduboy this morning and I’m dying to start developing software for it. This is the perfect platform for me and as a seasoned programmer, I’m genuinely very interested in growing this effort.

Could anyone help me get a dev kit? I promise to use it to substantially contribute to the development community and I’m willing to pay $50-$90 for it.

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@bateske may still have some available. If not you will have to purchase when it goes on general sale.

It would be nice if those of us who got the devkit pack on kickstarter got them a little sooner then 1 month+. =( I regret not buying a devkit separately or I would have been able to do some work on a real unit already.

Adafruit sells two different 128 x 64 OLED displays that use the same SSD1306 controller as the Arduboy:

To start developing tomorrow, all you’d need to do is hook up one of these displays to an Arduino Leonardo / Micro or a Pro Micro, add some buttons, a piezo, and start coding! :grinning:


That’s a great idea, thanks! I think these should do:

I might have a handfull of dev kits laying around :slight_smile: Are you in the IRC? You can PM me here or there let me know :slight_smile:

I’m on the IRC now! :smile:

I just got an Arduino Uno @ home… Do I really need an Leonardo or Micro?

It depends on how close you want to get. The Uno is based on an ATmega328. The Arduboy, Leonardo and Micro are based on an ATmega32U4.

There are differences between the two processors. For example, the 32U4 has 2.5K RAM vs only 2K in the 328. For another, the 32U4 USB can emulate a keyboard and mouse but the FTDI USB chip on the UNO can’t. Some pin mappings and functionality differ.

So, some Arduboy sketches may not run properly on a ATmega329 based system such as the UNO, at least without some modifications. Arduboy libraries also may need to be modified.

ty for your answer :slight_smile: i just ordered an leonardo-board now :wink:

Not strictly true. The older Arduinos (NG, Diecimila and Duemilanove) used an FTDI chip.

The Uno uses an ATmega8U2 for USB to serial conversion. Which can be made to act as a USB HID device:

Thank you for correcting me.

I glanced too quickly at the Uno description and only saw FTDI in the sentence “The Uno differs from all preceding boards in that it does not use the FTDI USB-to-serial driver chip.”

If you have some laying there anymore, I would like to buy one. :smile:
Dont know how to contact you else than in this topic :disappointed_relieved:

I’ll be shipping out a few Dev kits this next week to people who wanted one. If you already messaged me I’ll make sure I’ve got your information otherwise be sure to let me know soon!

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How much longer till the kickstarter devkits ship?

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I’m waiting to hear back from the factory any day now, but most of the parts are arrived we are just waiting on the OLED display that are proving to be very difficult to get right now. I’m buying every OLED display like it in china I think. :smile:

@bateske, Have you looked into the availability of the blue OLED version, instead of the white ones? Some people may actually prefer a blue display.

They are out there, but we will stick with white for now. Would be cool to do one in the future maybe with a custom PCB color :smile:

Of course, if you stick with the white, you can use the Space Invaders / Vextrex trick to make a colour game.

You could likely print about 24 different colour overlays on a single letter sized transparency. Cut them out as rectangles, figure out some way to hold them over the display, and presto - a colour screen Arduboy!

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