Where can one find the official PCB/Gerber Files?

The Arduboy community is amazing thanks in part to it being touted as an opensource system. That being said, where can one find a copy of the official PCB layout or Gerber files for the Arduboy FX? (and less importantly, the 3d files for the case?)

I personally would like to make more seamless mods that fit in the original case. For that, I would need to order pcbs based on the original hardware dimensions. Particular mods of my current interest are: energy harvesting Arduboy, custom color/personalization, and IO tweaks.

The schematic is available but due to the ability for others to copy the product, the board files won’t be available sorry.

Darn! Though I see the reasoning. Gotta keep the official Arduboy distinct from the others.

I still feel inspired to make my own personal 1-of-1 case-compatible pcb for style points.

Sure go for it! I’ve always wondered when someone would put a different board/cpu combo inside of one!

Then maybe you could release the exact board dimensions, mounting hole locations and size, and positions of the button pads, reset button, power switch and USB connector. Perhaps this could be done by publishing only one or a few layers in a Gerber file (leaving out the solder mask, silk screen, trace, pad and drill layers).

I’d rather make a replacement pcb for the micro arcade.