Where did Arduboy.tunes go?

I’m looking to add sound effects into my game. Last time I did it with arduboy.tunes.tone(), but that seems to have disappeared. I’m using the latest version of the library, updated from Github 5 seconds ago.

If it’s gone, what’s the replacement? How can I make sounds from my Arduboy now? I have a look through some of the existing games that make sound effects, but they seem to also use arduboy.tunes.tone(), or they use some other library which I can’t find.

I can see there’s some files for handling sound, but they don’t seem to have the tone function in them.

It’s not recommended to use the experimental 1.2 Arduboy library.
You should stick to the official release v1.1.

Anyway to answer your question, the tunes where extracted in an independent lib, see here.

@MLXXXp has been the driving force behind improving the current AB library (making it more compact and fit for purpose). Would love to get your thoughts over on the thread discussing this ~ http://community.arduboy.com/t/help-me-understand-arduboy-1-2/1179/33

Right. Thanks for the info @Botisaurus

@MLXXXp, could I suggest adding some documentation about the different versions to the readme? Because at the moment, if you follow the instructions on the page you’ll be using the experimental version rather than the stable one, which probably isn’t what we want.

Also, as far as I’m aware, typically the master is used for the stable version of the library. At least that’s how this model uses it (although I think that’s probably more complicated than necessary for the style of the repository). I don’t really know much about standards though

@acedent I can’t see that link, for whatever reason. It says “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

I agree. The github branches should be renamed or at least clearly say which branch to use for normal development in the description and readme files.

As it is, you choose between the “Arduboy” or “ArduboyClassic” branch. I think most people will do what I did and download “Arduboy” to get started (“classic” implies deprecated, to me) , create something, then be surprised when it doesn’t compile for anybody else.

I believe that topic is in a category (Developers) that not everyone can view. I’m not sure how a user’s profile has to be configured to see it.[quote=“acedent, post:3, topic:1707”]

@MLXXXp has been the driving force behind improving the current AB library (making it more compact and fit for purpose).

I’m currently just the driving force for my vision of how we should proceed, while waiting for some consensus as to whether it will be what I’m doing or some other way. (My vision is to “freeze” the Ardyboy library at it’s current stable level, with some minor cleanup, and move forward with a new, mostly compatible, Arduboy2 library for new development.)

I’m personally not planning on making any changes to the Arduboy library until a decision has been made on how we’re going to proceed. But, I agree that updating the obsolete README.md file should be done and it’s on my list of things to do for the version I’m working on. You or anyone else is welcome to submit a pull request to to Arduboy library incorporating suggested changes.

That’s how I feel, but the idea was rejected when I suggested it.

ArduboyClassic is a modified version of the Arduboy library created by @ekem for codebender to use. codebender has remained in the dark ages and is only compatible with the V1.0.5 level of the Arduino IDE. Since the Arduboy library uses the IDE V1.6.x specification, it doesn’t work on codebender, so a special version had to be created for them. There’s no reason for anyone else to use the ArduboyClassic library, unless perhaps they’re using the IDE to develop a sketch that is to be hosted on codebender.

Most people should be using the Quick Start Guide for installing the proper library. I’ve just added a paragraph in Step 2 of the guide informing developers not to use the master branch of the GitHub repository.

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Good point! I added some small changes just then to help with the installation.