Where is MARUINO?

Hi guys,
I was looking for MARUINO (i loved it) but I can’t find it. WHERE IS IT?

I already know and have SQUARIO, but it’s a little bit different.
Can you help me out?


It’s a gamebuino game I don’t believe it was ever ported to Arduboy.

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I totally remember another version of SQUARIO, but with another name. The screen was white (not dark) and the character was more “humanized”.

Maybe it wasn’t Maruino, but there it was… maybe it was something like arduman (not the pacman one)? Or something similar… please help me find it!
Thanks kevin!

Wait, maybe I found it.
It was Superardio!

If anyone can dig up the source code then it probably could be ported to Arduboy.

I can find the Pokitto port but I can’t for the life of me find the original Gamebuino version.


Never mind. I found it, but it doesn’t have a licence,
so unless someone can contact the original author a port wouldn’t be viable.

Either of these?

Or perhaps:

Never heard of it.

Apparently it’s a modified version of Squario:

Yeah someone went in and changed all the sprites, it looks quite good but actually I prefer the original Squario.

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