Where to buy Special Edition Arduboy?

I am considering getting the Tetris MicroCard but if you have extra SE Arduventure Arduboy, I would prefer to buy one of those first (I missed out on the KickStarter).
Am I reading this wrong but is there a place were I can get a SE Arduboy?

The store will be stocked with 20 Special Edition Arduboys tomorrow!

We will also be adding some of regular Arduboys and some Tetris MicroCards! (The MicroCards have smashed packaging but the product is perfect)

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Do you have left over arduventure plushies?
edit: is there a way to pre-order? (school tomorrow)

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Yes! If there is any way to preorder, count me in!

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Yes plushies for $1 + shipping

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What time do you expect?

Store is live! https://arduboy.com/buy-now/ going fast!


Are all the SE Arduboys gone now? No more batches of 20?

There is going to be another batch of 20 in another time zone.

I also have a Huge interest in one SE.

There one on eBay

Weird, the onebox looks like a special edition version,
but when I click on the link it takes me to a regular version.

Right at the top it tells you that the auction is already over and it found a similar product for you (the white one) :wink:


Ah, I didn’t notice because the banner is quite small.

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I read it to late :frowning:

I’ll post back if I see another I check to see what’s gone on most days.

There is one in Thailand starting at USD $135 or $176 buy it now. Although he calls it ‘new’ it seems like he has played it as the protective covering is missing.


In fairness the seller’s box is currently in better condition than mine was when it arrived.