Where to Buy?

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Check out this list of Distributors to find an Arduboy near you!


United States: Adafruit
Europe: Pimoroni
China: Seeed Studio

Additional Retailers:

United States: AC Gears (Amazon)
Germany: EXP-Tech
Australia: Little Bird Electronics
Australia: Pakronics
Japan: Switch Science
Japan: RadioShock.jp (Osaka)
Japan: FabxFab
Japan: Akiba-pc (Akihabara)
Japan: Sengoku Densyo (Akihabara)
China: Robot Shop
India: Fab.to.Lab
Thailand: Gravitech
Romania: Robofun

If you are interested in becoming a retailer or would like to see Arduboy in a store near you please write to us at www.arduboy.com/contact/

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