Where to download Arduventure?

Does any one know when Arduventure will be available?

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Might be a while. They still have to release.the early downloads after all the units.get shipped.


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Arduventure has not been released to download for the public. If you are a Kickstarter backer you can view the most recent backer only update with links to download the game.

The free public version is currently scheduled to be released for download next month (May).


will the free public version be limited?

‘Limited’ how?

If you mean ‘are there only so many’ then no, it’ll be free for everyone to have as many copies as they want forever*.

If you mean ‘closed source’ then yes, the source will be closed for a while yet.

* Not actually forever, but you get the point.

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Can I get arduventure for my other arduboy?
I purchased a Special Edition arduboy in the store.

ok thank you cant wait to play it!


Yes, when it is released next month you can upload it to your regular Arduboy.

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