Where's Arduventure?

Hi Guys,
sorry if it’s a repost or you already discussed about it, but I couldn’t find the topic.

Some months ago they said Arduventure was going to be real (and there should have been a way to buy/download it).

Can please anybody update me? And in case give me a link to buy/download it?

Sorry bud your a little late https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/903888394/arduventure-on-arduboy-8-bit-rpg-for-your-wallet

Maybe @bateske will have some surplus units or a backer will pass one up.


I think what Lorenzo is asking here is if the game itself has been released rather than the limited edition arduboys being available for pre-order but correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve been waiting for the game for ages too but I haven’t heard any news for a while.

I wanted to know if it is possible to get now and finally ARDUVENTURE.
Because @bateske once told that in the future (and the future is now) it would have been possible to get ONLY Arduventure , without the bundle …


(And I missed the kickstarter).

The kickstarter was the funding for Arduventure and I believe that the people who backed it are going to be able to play Arduventure early (but I could be mistaken) - hence the significance of mentioning the kickstarter.

Arduventure hasn’t been released to the people who kickstarted it, and it won’t be released to non-backers until an unspecified period of time after the kickstarter backers have had it.

There’s still no specified date for release, even for backers.

I also read somewhere @JO3RI was also in hospital but have no idea if this has also impacted the release date

That’s true, he was.
I don’t know if he still is or what impact it may have had.

It’s quite a vague situation, but estimates for shipping are ‘a few weeks after christmas’. So January or February is a best guess based on the given information.

It’s close to being done. It won’t be released online until it has shipped to all the backers. The source code won’t be released for much longer into the future.


The Kickstarter is finished but the backer rewards have not yet shipped. The game is currently in final stages of testing though and everything software side is looking good. I don’t know how long it will take backer rewards to go out once the game is finished, it will be a little bit after that that the game is released to non-backers.

I know everyone is excited to play the game, and we are excited to share it soon!