Who does and doesn't have a devkit?

  • I have my devkit
  • My devkit is in the mail
  • I don’t have my devkit yet
  • I don’t have my devkit yet, but there’s no rush to send me one
  • I don’t have my devkit and don’t need/want one

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Hopefully it’s pretty clear what this thread is for, but I’ll explain anyway.

This is a poll for keeping track of who does and doesn’t have a devkit.
Technically this isn’t what polls are intended for, but the mechanics match our needs perfectly:

  • If you vote then your vote is public and your icon appears in the results
  • You can change your vote at any time

Together these things allow the poll to act as an opt-in devkit status tracking system.

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I’m just going to tag everyone in case someone misses this.

In the order that the forum lists the names:


Got mine yesterday. It is such a beauty. :star_struck:

@veritazz u should change your vote then :slight_smile:

@Pharap has yours arrived yet?


Nope, it’s in transit still. It was ‘processed’ here yesterday.

Your item was processed through a facility in UNITED KINGDOM on April 23, 2019 at 12:56 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

(Rather fitting since yesterday was St. George’s day.)


Actually, it turns out that it arrived this morning,
nobody had checked the post yet.

Yes, please remember to do this when you get chance @veritazz.

Also we’re still missing someone…

It’s @city41.
I’m presuming his selection would be “I don’t have my devkit and don’t need/want one”.

Either way, we’re doing well, just three more to ship and four three more to receive.

Can you help me? I do not know how to change my vote.

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Click Hide results and then you should be able to select another option.

The website’s font was purple for a few minutes.
It’s gone now but it was fun while it lasted.




Yeah, thought I had issues with my eyes and should rest. But all good ;-D

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Seeing your picture I’m wondering, @Bateske did you add the white bracket to the connector slot?

Yes I did but also a lot of hot glue which is probably why it is a little torqued to one side. I have to admit my patience of these things dwindled towards the end so they are built with increasing disregard for aesthetics.

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If that’s a code for “is the chip wonky?” then the answer is:

It seems the board and hole aren’t quite aligned.

My guess for the wonkeyness would be:

  • the pins at the solderside where not cut short enough
  • the bracket that will apply a downwards force on the cart connector is missing

But as Bateske mentioned earlier some extra ingredient was added which is probably the culprit.
Looks pretty pokemon-ish with the white black and red :smiley:

One of the things that crossed my mind when examining it was why don’t the chips actually slot further in like old gameboy cartridges?


It seems that there’s a lot of negative space, and the connector appears to actually be connected to the base of the Arduboy with wires.

Fair point, I hadn’t noticed that.

Oh no we have critics!

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I’m struggling to decide if that’s sarcasm or not.
I need to buy a new ‘literary intent’ detector.

Don’t look a gift arduboy in the expansion port.


I’m not, but surely half the point of this development phase is to come up with ideas and iron out kinks?

If it could work then I think having the cartridge sit further into the case would be better protection for the chip and up the nostalgia factor.

The thickness of the cartridge would potentially be an issue though.

The reason: The case was originally designed to house a large battery the (flash) expansion connector was added later on. With this design a 1800mAh still fits nicely.

Its a bit overkill but my Arduboy doesn’t run out of power and feels very solid because of the increased weight.

Although I’m not too much into 3D desiging I considered making a more gameboy style slot. But after using it for a while I realized it’s much easier removing the cart with the current design and abandoned the idea.

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Oh, this case has nothing to do with the future, it was just a stop gap. If you want to improve it for the community then sure. But the final production version is just a flexible circuit mod chip added within the case itself.