Who knows chinese?

What does it say in item 8?

Google says something about “when limited by volume C6 and C7 can be trusted”, but it is fiddly and the phrase changes constantly

Wouldn’t it be easier to say what the diagram is for and ask if anyone knows how to get ahold of a translated version?

(If you find one written in Japanese I could help, but Chinese is a different beast.)

How does google translate understand an image anyway?
Can it scan the letters in the image?

I’m not sure if “easier” applies, it is the datasheet of yx5200-24ss. @bateske surely knows Chinese by now :thinking:

Google says something like this:

Ps: It is actually impressive that google can “almost” translate that image: http://m.elecfans.com/article/587685.html

Would this make sense as a translation? Obviously I am not sure of the context.

C6 and C7 capacitors can be saved when limited by volume


C6 and C7 can be omitted (saved) if you limit the volume.

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I can find similar data sheets, but none that mention C6 and C7.

The closest I found was this:

Are you sure of that if condition? :thinking:

Yes, sadly it is only on chinese. C6 and C7 are already part of the dfplayer schematic so they dont say anything about them.

I bought a commercial product (an rc remote) that uses the chip and I think the pcb is buggy… But I want to make smallest possible hack to make it less buggy

Not at all.

Ok. Here is what that entire thing says:
When there is a limit on … space (physical space on the board), we can omit the … capacitors on … where?
No. 7 says that "if we don’t use buttons, we pull ADKEY1 and ADKEY2 high (to power) using 22K resistors (to prevent accidental … accidents).


Awesome! Thanks!

I have a limit of space :stuck_out_tongue: since it is an audio chip I was confused by “volume”


The only Chinese I know from that is 不 Bu = No, and 电容 Dianrong= Capacitor. Well I guess also 电 Dian by itself just means electricity.

A lot of modern technology in china just puts the word electricity before it, 电话 Dianhua = Telephone literally translates as electric words.

My favorite is 电脑 Diannao which means Computer, but literally translates to electric brain.

In Japanese, でん (den) plays a similar role.

In Japanese it’s でん (denwa) which is similar,
but it’s “electric conversation” rather than “electric words”.

(Just to irritate a certain group of people: “Kyon-kun, denwa~!”.)

Japan’s equivalent is でんのう (dennou), which has the same meaning both as a compound word and in individual characters.

However, the loan word コンピュータ (conpyu̅ta) is the more commonly used term.

this thread can be closed now :stuck_out_tongue:

my receiver voice module works flawesly now.



When limited by volume, C6 and C7 capacitors can be omitted (by Google Translate)

Yeah, it is wrong. @CDR_Xavier already translated it

Thanks anyway

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Yeah this is what we have incorrectly word wrapped on the back of the packaging.

It was written correctly on our banner, but I just copied and pasted it into the packaging without understanding how the japanese language works.

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@eried what are you even doing ?

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I upgraded my rc radio to a multiprotocol one… and opened a new hobby/pandora box (fw is open source so I have been learning it to hack multitude of annoying stuff)

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Saving Saving Saving

One time I had a self checkout machine at a grocery store yell “help is on the way” at me at full volume for couple of minutes. Nobody came. So I left.

probably one of those YX5200-24SS chips too