Why Arduboy?

Perhaps this is why the Meta doesn’t have as many games? I also own one and at one point, last year, I played every community game and some were fun, but most of those games could have also been made on the Arduboy.


This is what drawed me to it in the first place. Makes me think harder when developing where as with C# it is easy mode for me.


please write to arduboy.com/contact

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Because if I spent the time and energy required to make a game for the Gamebuino META on level with what the system can (which has graphic & sound capabilities close to a GameboyAdvance, but more of a pain to dev for than the GBA) I’d be selling them on Steam instead.

It’s too much work for zero dollars.

(Shout-out to Circuit Dude @crait , who managed to do both which is fantastic. Look it up on Steam)

You increase the specs, you increase the work required to have a quality release on-par with what the system can do.

There is fun in the challenging specs but also a reasonable limit on how much time you can spend before running out of RAM/ROM and B&W pixels greatly cuts down on the time needed for artwork with a very quick “Okay, This is as good as it gets”.

It’s a hobby.

If the bar is raised to the point it becomes work, I expect to be paid because I need my time to be spent keeping the lights on. The Nova Scotia Power collection lady won’t accept Starduino as eternal payment for my electrical service that I need to keep making those games.
And you know, not freeze to death.


I do own over 50 hand held consoles. Gameboys, atari lynx, neogeo pocket, PSPs, virtual boy and a bunch of others. I have a problem. Lol


Sent a Ticket

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I enjoy playing Arduboy games, they’re good. After a rough patch with life and work I’m enjoying working on my next game for the Arduboy. Try it out, you never know.

Also, I don’t got stats but I’m willing to bet that there are more gamers with Arduboys than Google Stadia subscriptions. Not a lot of money, I don’t like gambling. But I’m willing to bet on it lol


Arduboy is pretty much all I’ve played on in nearly 2 years. With my other consoles remaining either barely used or sold on.


Wait… He has spent $180 for an Arduboy ?

No he thinking Kevin had changed what he said (not actually true, he just moved the post to it’s own topic which required setting a title). In line with that thinking he’s wondering why Kevin didn’t tell people he spent more than he actually did to make him (Kevin) seem cooler.

Overall this mostly just seems like someone who seems to be expecting Game Boy Color/Advance, but doesn’t realize the appeal of the device is it’s an Arduino with a OLED screen that’s for making games.

The appeal for me was when I finally was able to get all the tools needed to get into small scale electronics (I don’t make much and have a family to support which obviously takes priority) I got an Arduino and several sample kits (various modules, sensors, gizmos, and gadgets to play with) and one of them had a 128x64 OLED i2c screen. After running Adafruit’s library demo on it I instantly wanted to see what kind of games I could make for it. This led me to search around to see what others had made in the Arduino community and found the Arduboy. One look at it on the homepage and I was hooked, looked further at the games people have made for it and I knew I had to have one.

There’s always been debates on how much is too much. I’ve never been very good at artwork as I’m a programmer at heart and was always told to never focus on both because people that do are only ever mediocre at both but easily out performed by those who are good at one or the other exclusively. The limited capabilities of this device is what’s led me to slowly get better at my artwork skills.

Take this pirate enemy that will be used in Shattered Lands 2 as an example and compare it to my artwork on the first Shattered Lands. Clearly I’m getting a lot better, and I’ve also started doing some really nice colored pixel art over on the Pokitto side of things as well.

Both have continued to be amazing devices because they know what they’re intent is and who their target audience is. I still whole heartily recommend an Arduboy to my friends, family, and coworkers and it’ll be even greater with the release of the FX mod.

I do hope @WhySoBad will see the intrinsic value of the Arduboy and the true quality of what people have been able to create with it. If not that’s a shame, but you can’t please everyone, and the Arduboy does have many devoted fans (myself included) that love it for what it is and will continue to support it even if others think we’re weird.

The sad part about a lot of these inquiries is that more people picked up the Arduboy due to the pandemic (which is a good thing), but also because of the pandemic shipments all over the world have been delayed immensely and there’s nothing the seller’s can really do about it. These two factors combined has led to a huge burden on Kevin because with sites like Amazon people have come to expect extremely fast delivery times and it’s just not always feasible. The reality is most of us can’t truly grasp what Kevin has had to go through to get product in stock during this pandemic and the effects it’s had on the business so all we can really do is cheer him on and offer words of encouragement.

I also can’t wait to see what people make utilizing the new FX mod.


If I can reassure him, first I have bought the Gamebuino Meta and then the Arduboy.
I really don’t know which one I prefer but some reasons I prefer the Arduboy.
On top of that the Gamebuino community seems dead as the forum is down and it seems there are no effort to bring it back. Understand information is lost and so the infatuation. Except, of course if you like to be alone with your console :slight_smile:
But I don’t see somebody improving the libraries or the tools if there’s anybody on the platform.

For playing games, of course a Gameboy is more suitable.

Ironically enough, it was because of a video I saw about the original Gamebuino that I even looked further into these hobbyist handhelds and found out about the Arduboy.


I’m working on a mini game and this is literally what I said when I was making the sprites

Ps: @Pharap get ready to be annoyed by me sometime soon :sweat_smile:

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If you mean you’ll have some programming questions:
helping people is fun, not annoying. :P


There are for sure more Arduboys than google stadia subscriptions now… :slight_smile: