Wifi debug platform capable of compiling some games

I did a short write up of the development board I am using to get detailed debug data on Arduboy games.

The only standard game I compiled using this method was Shadow Runner, my go to application for CS research. My 3D STL file api demo Rush also compiles using this method.

Assuming your game is under 24KB, or you can squeeze more space out of the existing 4808 debug code, you can take advantage of this low level debugging technique.

Personally I found this very useful. Arduino debugging is very basic and using this software I can track changes and data between PC and Arduboy versions of games in the same way, json sent over network sockets. This means I can create larger more interesting tools to consume those data. Shout out to sim-arduboy which is also amazing to confirm functional correctness.

I realize this might not be relevant to many developers, but just in case the 1 is out there I thought I would share. Soon I will post a status update on the actual open source STL drawing API I developed if anyone is looking to try their hands at some 3D games.