Will there be a update when the preorders are shipped?

I am really excited to receive my Arduboy, and I preordered it in January. I emailed using the contact page on the website, asking if there was an estimated shipping date, and they said at the end of this month (june). It is know the end on this month and I have not received any sort of update about shipping. does anyone know if they have shipped or when they plan to ship them?

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I’m also patiently awaiting my pre-order. The Arduboy team have really done an excellent job of communicating statuses of preorders and kickstarter backers. They have set the bar high imo. Bravo to the Arduboy team! :smiley::clap:Anyway, here’s the newest thread regarding website pre-orders. Cheers​:grinning::v:



thanks for the quick response!


Should be very soon! In the next couple weeks. Beginning of July looks like. Thank you for your patience!

awesome! can’t wait!

Just so everyone knows the delay was getting the correct information for customs, we had units get refused from different countries so we wanted to make sure we took the time to do it right… learning our lesson as we go.

Apologies for the delay, looks to be still on target for July!


I’m going back to China on July 20th and so if they are any later than that I will be personally overseeing their shipment! Hang in there everyone!

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