[WIP] 1943 by KenC

Develop about 50% ( 21K )
please waiting to post it


This 1943 with item to change weapon.


Man, You are really good! All your games are amazing. Too bad they aren’t open source and most of them aren’t available to the public.

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Did you have the chance to play one of his games? So far, the only I’ve seen from @Ken_Cheung are just screenshots and animations.

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To be fair, he did posted a few .hex of some of his games. But I am not sure if they are completed.

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@Vampirics you are correct. He did post some .HEX, not the best games, but playable.
I’ve seen a lot of videos from his games and they look very professional.


You are very skilled at layout and graphics. I really appreciate the way you layout the screens in your game works including this one. The layouts “work” very well to make everything readable from the gameplay parts to the information parts.

Overall a very nice prototype! Well done!

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