[WIP] Apollo, a Lunar Lander Clone


I thought that I would take a crack at making a game similar to the old Atari ‘Lunar Lander’ game, similar to this free online version. This is still very much a work in progress, and doesn’t much resemble a video game yet. For now, the goals are:

  • Add collision mechanics. Really not much fun if there is no challenge.
  • Make the source less disgusting. There are a ton of nasty math one-liners that I’m not super proud of.
  • Improve the look and feel of the game. Everything is a bit shaky right now, and I’m not convinced that I have the physics parameters set to a point that feels good.

The last point, the look and feel of the game, is what I would really appreciate feedback on. Not that I don’t want to be critiqued on my programming, but writing games is the part of this that is new to me, and community feedback on that would be invaluable from those who have the time to provide it.

Right now, this is one of those “few minutes of development in the evening” type of projects, so expect small, but frequent changes. Long-term, I am hoping to form this into a fairly complete arcade game for the Arduboy. Thanks for any support as I get into all of this.

Repository Link

Apollo Github Repository


Just to let you know, when you’re passing an Arduboy2 object as a function parameter, you should probably pass it by reference (i.e. Arduboy2 & arduboy), otherwise you’re unnecessarily duplicating its state information.

Though for many functions (particularly the basic shape drawin functions) you don’t actually need an object any more since most of those were changed to static functions a little while ago.

(More about references here.)