[WIP] Ardubike

One tile editor I think would be cool to have is a 3x3 view of your tile. It would have 2 modes…

  1. All tiles the same. You could draw any where on the 9 tiles displayed and it duplicates on all 9. this would be good for things like grass, dirt, water, tile etc…
  2. Same 3x3 but center is unique, Top Bottom Left Right are the same but rotations, and corners are the same just rotations…

It would make it easyer to make things like this

Hi, the curent animation ha been ported on META (https://gamebuino.com/creations/ardubike-arduboy-game-ported-on-meta)

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@Agent6 this (the tiled drawing) is possible in Krita – it’s primarily a painting tool, but can be set up for pixel art too. I’ve been considering partly switching to it just because of this feature. I’ve been dreaming about having this in GIMP, but as I see it it’s currently not possible, the plugin system isn’t flexible enough for that. But there are some features, such as offset, that help with creating tiles.

As a workaround what I do is I create a HTML file where I set a repeating background of the tile, I open that in browser and keep editing the tile with GIMP – refreshing the browser shows me how it tiles.

(BTW I don’t know if you know Tiled but check it out, it’s a beautiful tool for testing your tiles and creating tile maps.)

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@drummyfish I have played with Tiled. How hard is it to use the files from Tiled. I know you can setup masks/layers and collision detection in Tiled but I have never tried to use it for a program.

I will have to look more into Krita.

Agent6, so you have stopped this project ? You think you’ll continue it or the subject is closed ?


Are you looking to build this into a game?


Agent6 was recreating Excitebike and i think it’s could be a cool games. Me i was porting his works on the META (atm i’m waiting pieces i bought to make my own Arduboy as i would profite of all your advices to progress in my games - For information i’m very short of time atm but i like programming but i’m beginner and i try to learn to make poo programs on the META to have the technics but i have really to works on the objects, pointers, array asw.) It’s sometimes a little difficult but ill success. Im more easy with classic programs as Ardubike.
Else i ask question mainly because the game of Agent6 could really be a good game for the Arduboy and i think i have not see over motocross game yet on it.

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