[WIP] Arduboy Game Center

I have recently overhauled my website so other developers will be able to add their games to the new Arduboy Game Center at http://arduboy.neoretro.games

The site will allow finding games to download easier with features like search(coming soon), sort and grouping.

There are many features i still plan to add including a favorite game and developer sections, notifications when a new game is released from a favorite developer, REST API for 3rd party apps, statistics/number of times your game is downloaded, featured games section and reviews to name a few.

I am currently beta testing the site so If you are interested in helping test by downloading games and or putting your games on the site please let me know. Also, suggestions are welcome.


Very nice site, looks great and is super clean!
Good work and all the best to you

Thanks, was hoping the community likes what I am trying to build.

Haha wow yet another game repo!

Ok, just a quick note I’m dedicating the rest of this month to getting something up and running for an official Arduboy Arcade! At the very least we will have a browsable library of games, and will follow up with an official game loader software.

I think from that main page it’s also fair to also give links to all of the various other libraries that have been built by users, so that we can give credit to the work that has been come before. Awesome work, and stay tuned!


Thanks bateske, I am looking forward to seeing the Arduboy Arcade.

What do you think about including html5 compiles(proton simulator) of the games in addition to having the repo data? Get game info, Download, Play, all in one spot.

The proton simulator simulates the old library - most modern Arduboy games wouldn’t run on it.
It would need to be updated first and that’s probably going to be a fair bit of work.

I wish that I knew c++ well enough to help out on something like that. Thanks for the heads up @Pharap.

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If I didn’t have other more urgent projects at the moment I’d give it a go myself.

The fact the framework is already there and it worked at one point is a good sign because it means it’s got a better chance of being resurrected, but the main problem is getting people with the skills to resurrect it interested enough to devote time to it.

It might seem a bit cheeky to say “hey, would someone be interested in resurrecting this dead project” when you have a limited skillset yourself, but you could have a go at making a forum post to try to attract people’s attention.

Sadly I don’t think you’ll get much interest at the moment though, all the most experienced coders seem to be busy with either life or their own projects at the minute, but that’s not to say it won’t get interest at a later date, threads do sometimes get brought back into the limelight a few months after they’ve died. (Had to try really hard not to say ‘resurrected’ again :P.)

So tl;dr, make a post about it, the worst that can happen is you get no interest so you haven’t got much to lose.

Note that @Seth did say “Feel free to use/steal any the stuff I wrote in the ArduboySim or /shared/Arduboy directory trees as needed.” so nobody needs to ask permission, but if someone does manage to fix it it would still be courteous to give credit and to notify him.

That makes sense. I code for the Arduboy to better understand low level programming. Java is my thing. And the more that I code for Arduboy, the better I get at Java. Maybe someday I’ll just dive in to the proton sim and see what happens.

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