[WIP] Arducross - Picross for Arduboy

(Pharap) #21

The Ardboy2 library designates the first 16 bytes of storage as special space it uses for things like signifying if sound should be on. You’re overwriting those.

One of the things the Arduboy2 library saves in EEPROM is a ‘unit name’ which is supposed to be a name for an individual person’s Arduboy (though I’m not aware of any people who have actually used it), so I’m guessing Arduboy2 tries to print the name at boot, and you’ve overwritten it with game data so it’s printing garbled text.

(Scott) #22

@Pharap is correct. For sketch use the first available EEPROM space is at the offset defined by EEPROM_STORAGE_SPACE_START (currently defined as 16). You can use from here to the end of EEPROM.

@Pharap is also correct about the reason for the strange characters at the bottom of the logo screen. You can set the unit name properly using the SetNameAndID example sketch included with the Arduboy2 library.

(Scott) #23

I suggest you use EEPROM.update() instead of EEPROM.write(). It works the same but avoids unnecessary writes to EEPROM, since the total number of writes to EEPROM is limited.

(David) #24

I updated a while back fixing the EEPROM issues with EEPROM_STORAGE_SPACE_START and EEPROM.update(). Thanks for all the help.

(David) #25

I added a little more info about the board on the title screen, a timer during gameplay and a couple of more boards bringing the total to 31 now.