[WIP] ArdudleJump!

I’ve been working on a simple version of doodle jump for arduboy, while it’s nowhere near a finished game yet, it’s a neat little demo right now, with lots of bugs but a delightfully adorable player sprite and jumping animation. You can play with the code on github here.

controls are currently up and down to move left and right ( as if holding the arduboy sideways) ardudlesimple.ino.leonardo.hex (39.7 KB)

If you don’t mind, upload a .hex file for the game to your original post and it will be playable in the emulator directly in the forum.

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Done, thanks :slight_smile:

This is shaping up nicely. You need to find a rotated font!

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I decided to go at that issue this morning and found that since it’s not a particularly text heavy game, it ended up being easier to just save some of the text as sprites and position them accordingly in each game state. the scoring isn’t done yet but all the text and numbers are!

Yes probably the smart approach!

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