[WIP] ArduSHMUP Updated

I started it a long time ago, but have made a lot of progress lately. Since necro-posting is bad form, here’s a youtube video of ArduSHMUP as it is this morning. I think it’s a lot of fun.

ArduSHMUP on YouTube


Very cool.

Is that a 5x4 font using modified Arduboy2 font methods or are they simply sprites?

Sprites for digits right now. I will probably generalize it to a five-tall variable width font later.

Source code at github.com/esialb/arduboy-shmup. I will probably make a 0.1.0 release soon.

Really? Could have fooled me at the rate that happens here :P

At any rate, it’s doing well.

Hey all. Massive rewrite, uses sprite-based graphics rendered directly to SPI rather than a display buffer to save RAM and progmem bytes. Uses that extra memory to cram in a ton of enemies and enemy bullets.

The game mechanics are basically a space ship shoot-em-up. The number of enemies increases as your score increases, and so does the framerate. Games generally last under 60 seconds, which makes it great for cashier lines at the grocery store.

Source code now at https://github.com/com-robinkirkman/arduboy-sprite-shmup

Neato videos are on my youtube channel, here’s the latest.


Downloadable as a .hex from the github release.

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Looks great … I think I missed this the first time around.

Looks dope i’ll give this a try over the weekend.,

It’s weird to see a game that doesn’t use Arduboy2.

A kilobyte of display buffer is a lot to lose when you only have 2.5kb to start with. Using sprite-based graphics with dynamic rendering doesn’t make sense for all games, but for this one, it saves me a lot of ram. It also saves me a ton of progmem space.

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Looks great Ill have to try it out some time.

Well, I’m now using Arduboy2Core, which is fine. The beep library makes for great sound support.

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New release, with a video.

To get to the options menu, hold A during power on.


Mentioning ‘not using Arduboy2’ wasn’t a criticism.
I was just noting that it was a rare occurance.

Not taken as a criticism. I hadn’t looked at Arduboy2 in a while, and Arduboy2Core simplified things. I’m still not using Arduboy2 itself.

I mean the whole library, not just the class.

Having put out another release, I think I’ll just link to the releases page. Lots of cool stuff IMHO.

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