[WIP] - Arduwars

It looks awesome! I will test it and give you some feedback.


What else do you gotta do? What percentage is done?

We may still have problems.

When I last tried to remove the dynamic allocation there was a glitch,
and I didn’t resolve it because I stopped working on it while you were taking a break.

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I haven’t forgot you and you will be the first one to see the beta, i promise! But right now it’s too early for feedback :slight_smile:


See the original post :smiley:

Thanks! I will patiently wait :hugs:

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I like these and is trying it understand them.
Serious effort!
@Botisaurus Put me onto the beta tester list!

Do you need some help for beta testing?

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Haha mate trust me I have not forgotten about you. :wink:
I haven’t coded on it since then but i promise i will continue again.


It is a stinker that development has slowed down so much. This really was shaping up to be the one of, if not, the best, Arduboy game. I really think something like this would be beautiful on the system and really be a great fit. Seems like a great blend between MicroCity and MicroTD, two games that are already amazing on their own…


I agree … when this game is finished (think positive) it will be the best game on the Arduboy.


Awww you guys motivating so much. :sob:
I’ve planned some changes in my life around the holidays so I will find time to fully concentrate on this. :slight_smile:


I never played any Advanced Wars games, before. Which one should I pick up while I wait for this cool game?

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Black hole rising on the gba.

The original is close to black hole but the learning curve is really steep.
Dual strike is good but the co power balance is screwy
Days of ruin has some edge issues but overall it’s very balanced but the tone isn’t really representative of the series.


Advance Wars is fantastic, you’re in for a treat @crait


There’s also famicon wars, super famicon wars and Gameboy wars 1-3 but they’re jp only.

Battalion wars and battlion wars 2 are also pretty good

There’s also military madness on the turbographics 16 which is hexigonal instead of square tiles


I remember the last issue being a lack of RAM.
I’ve already started having a look at the program structure to see if I can find some good RAM savings.

I’ve only just started so I don’t know what’s going to save the most memory, I’m just looking at everything at can, even micro savings.

So far I’ve thought of a few ways to make TinyFont use less RAM, and possibly less progmem,
but it comes at the expense of flexibility (at runtime).

Nope, never had a ram issue. What makes you think that? :thinking:
It’s always been progmem.

We saved already a lot. The next big thing would have been to rework all scenes to not do their drawing calls on there own but rather do it like in your minesweeper.

After that i actually want to keep implementing game logic. Multiplayer is really nearly finished. after that simple FSM AI for the enemy in singleplayer which will take up some rom again.

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I can’t remember the details, but I remember that when I was trying to change the map to be statically allocated instead of using malloc there was some kind of memory corruption going on, which I assumed was due to lack of memory.

I’ve still got a branch on my fork with the bug:

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